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big data & artificial intelligence

Large, medically related data that are currently being used to analyze functions of the human body create new challenges in regard to their storage, processing and utilization. The initial raw data from an analytical sample require hundreds of megabytes of storage, and its pre-processing results in thousands of information-rich "features". These need to be analyzed and compared to other data sets in order to obtain contextual information. Extraction of the meaning from the complex data sets is used by aiomica to receive actionable healthcare insights.

This task is beyond human capacity. Bioinformatics, machine learning, NLP and other state-of-the-art tools of AI are essential for success in this bold discovery journey. aiomica develops proprietary algorithms and AI techniques to deliver the promise of a deeper understanding of individual wellbeing, while keeping privacy and information security as cornerstones of our business.



The word “omics” refers to a field of study in biological sciences that ends with the suffix “-omics”, such as genomics, transcriptomics, proteomics, or metabolomics. Rapidly developing sequencing and mass spectrometry technologies now allow us to develop new, efficient and cost-effective applications, transforming the possibilities in human well-being and medicine.

Advances in these “omics” technologies have started to personalize medicine at the molecular level, and this understanding will change clinical practices and individual self-care. All these technologies, however, need to be integrated in order to analyze the complexity of a person’s health and changes in health, predicting or monitoring the development of a disease or its cure. The integration of the “omics” data with long-term individual health records will allow us to understand, predict, and diagnose the development of an individual’s state of health.

“Cost to Zero” moonshot

In October 2016, StartUp Health announced its 10 Health Moonshots themes to speed up progress in solving big health challenges. One of these Moonshots is the “Cost to Zero” initiative. We here in aiomica believe that wellbeing information provided early enough can prevent development of disease and thus become the most effective preventative treatment.  

aiomica aims to radically reduce the cost of healthcare by a factor of a million. 


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